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This page contains important details which should be known to all users who edit pages on CSE Wiki.

Creating a page

To create a page, enter the name of the page in the search bar and hit search. Then click on the red link to create a page.

For example to create a page with name New Page, enter New Page in the search bar and hit enter. The result will look like the one below:

Creating page.png

Then click on the red link to create the page. You will be redirected to edit your new page.

Editing tools

This wiki contains two editors for editing - Visual Editor (the preferred one), and Source Editor. You can switch between the two using option on the right ride of top bar (next to Save page option in Visual Editor).

Visual Editor

You can get familiar about Visual Editor here: Help:VisualEditor/User_guide

Source Editor (not really required though)

The contents of pages is finally stored in a syntax called Mediawiki markup. Source editor lets you use Mediawiki markup for editing pages. Learn more on how to use Mediawiki markup here: Help:Formatting

Tips on editing

  • Table of contents:
    • If a page contains 3 or more headings, a table of contents is automatically created and placed just before the first heading. To disable the auto-creation of table of contents add place __NOTOC__ anywhere in the page source. (TOC will not be shown while editing)
    • The default position of the TOC is directly above the first section heading. Any prior text is placed before the TOC. To place it elsewhere, use the magic word __TOC__ at the preferred position on the page. (To be included in the page source)
    • If a page contains three or less headings, and you still want to add a table of contents, write either the magic word __FORCETOC__ anywhere on the page to make it display at the default location, or __TOC__ at the preferred position. (To be included in the page source)
  • InstantCommons:
    • All public domain image on Wikimedia Commons can be directly used on this wiki without the need of upload.
    • Just type the name of the image (any generic name) in the popup of insert images, and wait for the results to get loaded.

Additional features for editing

This wiki has some additional features to create more useful, better looking and organised pages.


Boxes hold snippets of useful information which is not a part of normal flow of the content of the page.

To create a box, switch to source editor and type this code where you want to create a box

<div class="box"></div>

Now switch to visual editor and you will see a box there, like the one below

You can then add text to the. An example is shown below:

This text is inside a box.

The default color of the box is gray. But you can colors by using pre-defined classes. To create red box, add red class along with box class. (Note: Classes can be added by entering class name within quotes seperated by a space.) So the source code to create a red box will look like below:

<div class="box red"></div>

A red box will look like this:

This text is inside a red box.

The following colors are available for on CSE Wiki:

Box color Class to be used Expected result
Gray (no class needed; this is the default color)
Default box
Red red
Red box
Blue blue
Blue box
Green green
Green box
Yellow yellow
Yellow box
Pink pink
Pink box
Purple purple
Purple box

Box headings

You can create a colored heading and sub heading within the box, by editing the source code.

To create a box with colored heading use the following code in source code of the page:

<div class="box">
    <div class="box-heading">Heading</div>

If you want the heading to be in center, use center class along with box-heading class. The result will be as follows:

Content here

To add subheading in the content of a box, add the code <div class="box-sub-heading"></div> in the source code where you want to add the subheading.

An example with result and source code is shown below


Content here

Sub heading one

Some more content

Sub heading two

Some more content

<div class= "side right box"><div class="box-heading center">Heading</div>
Content here
<div class="box-sub-heading center">Sub heading one</div>
Some more content
<div class="box-sub-heading center">Sub heading two</div>
Some more content

Note: In visual editor, the box will look a little different as it provides visual options to create paragraph. But the final result will be as expected. So don't worry if you see some extra space above and below headings.

Side boxes

Side boxed are boxes which place on the side of the page. To create a side box, add the class side to the box along with the class left or right (to place its position). See example below:

Side box

Side boxes like this can hold relevant additional information.

This is the normal flow of the content. The side box on the right of this content was created by using <div class="box blue side right"></div> in source code. You can view the source code this page to see it. A side box has a width of 300 px by default. To create a big side box (400 px) add class big .

On a mobile device (or on devices having width <768 px), side boxes behaves as normal boxes like in the above section.