Exam Resources:General Studies (GS) III

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  • Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma for foundation
  • Mrunal Patel's videos on Youtube for static portion
  • Websites like Arthapedia and Investopedia for conceptual clarity
  • Economic and Political Weekly/Yojana and Kurukshetra
  • Economic Survey Volume 1 of last 5 year (summary only) and Volume 1 & 2 of the current year
  • Budget of the current year
  • Any yearly compilation of Government Schemes and Social Sector Initiatives

Science and Technology


  • PMF IAS Environment and Ecology Pdfs
  • Shankar IAS Book
  • Yearly Compilation of Environment
  • Newspaper

Internal Security and Disaster Management

  • Challenges to Internal Security by Ashok Kumar and Vipul Anekant
  • NDMA Guidelines
  • VISION IAS Value Added Material
  • Current Affairs Monthly Compilations
  • 2nd ARC Report of Relevance