Examples of Officers in Administration

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Questions in section A often ask you to write about certain foundational values civil services. For example: integrity, courage of conviction, openness. One way to write good examples is to show how these values are manifested in officers who are currently serving. Most of you know admirable work of senior civil servants who are well known throughout the country. Some of you might have detailed information about a few officers from your own state. However, very few of you would have countrywide information. Here's an attempt to bring the information about the work ethic and accomplishments of such officers from all parts of the country.

List of Officers

Armstrong Pame — IAS Manipur (2005)

Mr. Armstrong Pame assumed the post of Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Tousem in 2012. Tousem is one of India's most backward regions and a subdivision in Manipur. He is acclaimed for building a 100 km motorable road linking Manipur to Nagaland and Assam. The road is famously called as the 'Peoples' Road'. The people of Tousem call him the 'Miracle Man'. He raised financial resources for this purpose with social media. He was moved by the difficulty of the people and began building the road by putting in some money of his own. In no time, it became a crowdsourced venture.

Tukaram Mundhe-- IAS

Technology implementation in urban transport- Navi Mumbai. Skipping Bus stops- Quarterly review of the bus routes with high and less traffic flow helped in route rationalization. Increase in revenue.

Kartikeya Misra -IAS-East Godavari- LWE District

Initiative- Digital Connectivity through Fiber Grid and FSOC Technology to remote tribal villages.

FSOC has enabled the tribals of seven villages located in the hills to get connected with the outside world. Using the AP State Fibernet Limited's fibre grid network laid up to Rampachodavaram town, the facilities like mobile connectivity, internet, and wireless landline connectivity are given by FSOC which transmits signals to the villages. The mobile connectivity enables calling up officials to register a grievance or help. Earlier, if there was any problem or an emergency someone had to walk 8-10 km down from the hills to contact the nearest government official. Video conference facility for tele-medicine where doctors from primary health centre or Area Hospital from nearby areas advice patients. The mobile connectivity helps in touch with kids studying at nearby residential schools.