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This page is meant for guiding CSE Toppers who want to share their strategy and tips.

First of all congratulations on clearing Civil Service Examination. You are now a public figure with increased reach and responsibilities. CSE Wiki is a platform where you can guide CSE aspirants with your insights, strategy, book list, tips etc.

Before you see the step by step guide given below, it is suggested you read Get started with CSE Wiki to know about CSE Wiki and its usage.

Step by step guide to share your strategy

  1. Create an account on this website (Skip step this if you already have one): Please note that you should use your own name as username (or some variation with additional numbers etc). Users having fictional names, and other types of fraudulent username will be banned by Admins. After having an account you will be able to edit pages on CSE Wiki except in Strategy namespace (a section of this wiki which contains strategies of all toppers). To edit Strategy namespace you will have to become a member of Officer group.
  2. Fill this form: Request Officer group membership by filling this google form with appropriate details. CSE Wiki Admins will grant you membership of Officer group shortly thereafter.
  3. Check your group membership on Special:Preferences (after some time of filling the form): If you are a member Officer group, you can proceed further. Else wait till you get this membership.
  4. Create your page in Strategy namespace:
    • To create your page Search in the top search bar: Strategy: <Your name>, AIR <Your AIR> (CSE 20xx). For example, Strategy:Kunal Aggarwal, AIR 130 (CSE 2019). Press Enter or click search icon once you enter this in Search bar.
    • In search results you will see Create the page "Strategy: <Your name>, AIR <Your AIR> (CSE 20xx)" on this wiki! Click on the link (red text). (Note: CSE 20xx should the exam that you qualified. So if you qualified CSE 2019, you should use this irrespective of your batch year.)
    • You will be taken to a new empty page. Enter you strategy and save.
    • Read this page to learn about tools and features that can be used to edit this wiki.
    • Learn about the Visual Editor to know how to add content and format it. (This step is very important)
  5. Once you have created your page, enter the link to your page on the page Strategy:Toppers' strategy.
    • Append the link to your page under the name column itself. Use the "Add link" button on the Visual editor bar and Search for your page.
    • Kindly fill other details like your Number of Attempts, Medium for Examination, Optional etc. as specified in the table itself.
    • Format for Toppers' Strategy
    • Other Instructions: (for filling in the table)
      • NAME- While adding the link to the page, don't forget to delete extra clutter in the link just appended. For e.g. by default it may appear as: Strategy:XYZ, AIR (CSE 20xx), you should trim it to your name only i.e. XYZ. The link would anyway redirect to your own webpage.
      • OPTIONAL- Kindly adhere to the standard terms used for your subject. A good reference could be the entries in the table itself.
      • JOB COLUMN- You may add Yes (full time), No or Part-Time as per your condition.
    • Save changes and we are good to go.
  6. Enjoy the rest part of the wiki

Please note that we are using a wiki platform. So all members of Officer group will be able to edit all pages of Strategy namespace. It is expected that people will respect the above scheme of sharing strategies and edit only their own pages. Vandalism on other's page is unbecoming of an officer (which can result in block on this wiki).

Strategy namespace

Strategy namespace on this wiki is reserved exclusively for CSE toppers. Only they can create, and edit the pages.

Apart from individual strategy pages (the instruction for which was given above), Strategy namespace contains collaborative pages which can be edited by all toppers (after they become a member of Officer group) to guide aspirants in different stages and subjects of the Exam. These pages are -

You can also create subject specific and optional specific pages in Strategy namespace. To create a page in page in Strategy namespace, the name of the page should start with Strategy: (note the colon). For example, to create a page on Economics optional in strategy namespace, you should enter Strategy:Economics optional in the search bar (and then search) and create the page by following the create option in the results page (red link).