Strategy:Kunal Chavan, AIR 211 (CSE 2019)

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Hi all, this is Kunal Chavan. I have secured rank 211 in CSE-2019. This was my 5th attempt. My optional was history.

I have already written down a blog ( Here, I am putting my thoughts and whatever content I have with me. Also, I am trying to answer the questions asked by aspirants on twitter or the chat window of my blog. I am slowly updating it. You will find information related to prelims only at the moment as its on 4th Oct. Gradually, I will post my observations regarding Mains, History optional etc. So, go through the blog, if you find something useful, I will be more than happy.

One free advice: Listen to many but follow your own conscience.

Even though I got the rank this year, I will not say that my strategy is full proof and it will bring you the same rank. So, read other toppers' strategies over CSEwiki, go through their blogs, watch videos of toppers regarding optional, essay etc. But at the same time, do not think them as the panacea and/or Brahmastra to get rid of this cycle. If someone tells you that, read this, follow that and you will get through this exam, RUN AWAY FROM HIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Every topper has toiled very hard to get here and adopted the strategy suitable to them. You need to do the same. Create your own path and follow it. If you do not feel confident, ask some topper. They will act as Bodhisattvas; the final nirvana has to be earned by you only.

I will be easily available if you need to ask something REGARDING PREPARATION over my blog or on twitter.

Those who have given multiple attempts and are clueless what mistake they are making, you will have softest corner from me...I was there last year and I know your pain. So, feel free to ask.


All the Best!