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Mukund Kumar, AIR 54,UPSC CSE 2019,FIRST ATTEMPT. Madhubani,Bihar. 10+2 from Sainik School Goalpara,Assam. Graduation in English literature from Delhi University, PGDAV College. Hobbies : Watching movies,television shows and reading non-fiction books.

Mukund,30th July, Afternoon session.

Chairman : B.S.Bassi Sir (former Delhi Commissioner of Police) Academic Background : BA(H) English Literature Delhi University; Sainik School Optional : PSIR Hobbies : Reading Non-fiction book, watching movies and television shows

Chairman(CM) :Mukund You have done so many activities that even you don't know what all you have done. Isn't it ?

Me : No Sir ,I know everything that I have done(with smile).

CM : Tell me what all you learnt in Sainik School ? CM : What all you did and your role as Vice Captain of your house ? CM : What are attributes of a leader ? CM : Why didn't you join Armed Foces being from Sainik School ?

Member 1 : Mukund,tell me what is going on in Afghanistan ?

Told three themes : a)Taliban-Government deal in Doha and allegations and counter-allegation of violation by both party b) Stand off between Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah c) Very recently reported persecution of minority communities

M1) Which all communities are there in Afghanistan apart from Pathans ?

M1) Taliban belongs to which sect ? Shia or Sunni ?

M1) So then which all sect Taliban prosecuted when in power ?

M1 ) Tell me where deal between Taliban and Afghanistan government happened ?

M1) Who was representative from Taliban side and from US side ?

M1 ) What all you learnt as Vice-captain of your House in Sainik School ?

M1) Which all Northern Eastern state did you visit while being in Assam ?

Told Air Force HQ in Meghalaya.

There is one very famous lake in Meghalaya,do you know its name ?

Only famous Lake I recalled then from NER is Loktak from Manipur. So said No sir,I do not recall. Okay,thank you.

Passes to Memeber 2(Ma'am).

M2) Mukund tell me what all steps would you take as secretary of Social Justice and Empowerment to promote Communal harmony in our country ?

In answer had mentioned promotion of NCC and NSS activities among young students,as mentioned in New Education Policy as well.

M2) So Mukund, shouldn't we make NCC compulsory then ?

Politely said,No ma'am it should be voluntary however benefits of NCC can be highlighted to make students aware to join it,as being emphasised in New Education policy implemented from yesterday.

M2) Tell me provisions of NEP released yesterday,only if you have read ?

Told 6-7 main points.

M3) How can we bridge the digital divide in education ? Is there any provision in new NEP ? Talked about smart board,digital penetration in rural areas, promotion of coding from Class VI onwards and few more.


Passes to Member 3 :

M3) Gave detailed brief on energy scenerio of India since independence and ended up with asking scheme under electricity connection to rural India have been completed. Name of scheme ?

Told Saubhagya.

M3) Mukund,tell me how we should promote energy efficiency in rural areas ?

M3) Now talk about energy efficiency in urban areas especially big industries ?

In answer had mentioned,solar energy.

M3) Tell me how government is promoting solar energy for industries ?

M3) What is per capita energy consumption of Indians vis-a-vis Global level ?

Told sorry sir do not know exact number,but it is 1/10th lesser than per capita consumption in USA and other European countries.

Okay no problem.

M3) Do you know different between UJALA and UJJWALA scheme ?

Told both in brief.

M3) Now can you tell number of LED Bulbs that has been distributed under UJALA but government ?

With a smile sorry sir difficult to recall.

Smiled back and passed on to 4th member.

M4) Mukund,you stayed in Delhi for five years ? Tell me one good thing you liked very much and one you disliked very much

Liked thing : Culturally very diverse and cosmopolitan in nature as people across length and breadth come to Capital city. Hence unity in diversity aspect.

Disliked : High pollution level especially during winter

M4) Okay now I make secretary of Environment in Delhi,how would you solve it ?

In answer among others,had mentioned Direct Seeding of Rice(DSR) technique being used by farmers in Punjab,Haryana lately which is also helping in easy and efficient dealing of stubble post Kharif crop harvest.

M4) What is DSR ? And how it benefits ? Talked at length different benefits in points.

M4) Don't you thing seeds would be needed more ?

Nodded yes sir,but overall cost benefit analysis shows that it is better than conventional transplantation way of planting, especially in CoVID induced reverse migration scenerio which has caused labour shortage in these region.

M4) Now Mukund you talked about leadership quite back,tell me one single most important attribute leader must have ?

Told,there are various but in my opinion one most important attribute should be that Leader have "Sense of Responsibility".

Chairman hints to pass on. Says okay Mukund.

CM) Mukund are you sure you qualified NDA ?

No sir,I didn't qualify NDA rather I had qualified for Indian Navy from Naval Selection Board,Vizag.

Okay then why did you tell you qualified NDA ?

I beg your pardon sir,but I have mentioned I didn't qualify NDA written exam. Okay.

So when did you appear for Naval Board ? And when did you write NDA exam ?

Okay so how was it Naval Selection ? And for which wing ?

Told Sir,it was 10+2 Tech entry, since I had over 90% Marks in PCM in 12th. So I got direct call letter for Service Selection Board and qualified it, unfortunately to be disqualified in Medical.

Okay,what would you have become if you had qualified Navy ?

Sir I would have joined electrical wing of Indian Navy after doing my B.Tech from Indian Naval Academy,Ezhimala.

Okay Thank you Mukund.

Thank you sir. CM) Please come here to verify your photo,is it you ?

Yes sir,it is me. Okay you may go now. Your interview is over.

Thanked CM sir and all members with smile. Members nodded back.

Overrall : Chairman sir and distinguished members were very supportive. Ma'am asked me to lower mask as I entered, which made things easy. Members at broked down questions as well to make it less complex.

Most of questions were DAF based as can be seen in transcript. Leadership in general was recurrent theme as well as NCC.

There were three situational question, making secretary of particular department and then to solve given issues.