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BASIC Background

Optional - Geog,

place - Bihar,

CSE B.Tech. & work ex of 3.5 years in IT sector,

hobbies - yoga, vegetable farming

1st Interview - FEB 2018 (2nd Attempt) AIR - 396

Board - Bhosle sir

(Marks 171)

U must be hero of samastipur(my district) No sir.

Long 2 minutes kept on speaking... question i dont know..he described my journey from school to college to job to landing in delhi. He was narrating from daf to other members, i think. Suddenly stopped. I was supposed to say now.

Everyone is now looking at me.

Not focussed so I did not get him properly what he wanted to ask but i explained him my journey again in my own words and why i want to become ias and what qualities i have.

(My work experience in samsung R&D so) why india is lacking in r&d in all sectors except softwares? What can be done?

How will u bring back bihar's brain back to bihar and what has led bihar to remain backward. What should be done to bring investments and development?

M1 - Your stand on whether jan gan man.. should be played in cinema halls or not. No, why ? What is the problem in playing in movie theatre? Then, Where and when it should be played except 15th aug 26th jan? Like j&k, karnataka is also demanding state flag should state flag be there for states? Your state bihar is famous in mass copying and cheating in board exams. What will you suggest to remove it completely?

M2 - Carrying forward.. if u have to design the flag of bihar how it should be ? Take pencil and paper and draw it. What farming you do ?(as vegetable farming is my hobby) What is exotic vegetables? Do u grow these? Do u do organic ? Do u use pesticides? What sorts of work u do in farming ? Your contibution. What are the recent siginficant changes u have seen in your district samastipur in last 1 year? Should jallikattu be banned ? Yes, sir. Yes! Why ?

M3 - U stayed in mysuru( fyi: as worked in Infosys so during training i was in mysuru for 5 months. That's why he asked), so which dynasty is in mysuru? Why they still follow ceremonial practices whereas many princely states do not have such thing now? Mysuru british treaties? (I could not answer just forgot dont know what happend to me. I lost suddenly.) I said "sorry sir forgot history" Has shivaji ever attacked mysuru? Sir no idea.

When we land in bengaluru it is kampegowda international airport? Who is kampegowda?( It was asked bcz i stayed in bengaluru for 3 and half years in job.) Founder of bengaluru ( as answered). Who was he ? You said something about regional identity at the time of flag related question. So dont u think presently state flag then there will be demand of district flag and later disintegration.deterioration of law and order what is your justification? How does regional parties have shaped our politics? Is regional parties not raising regional identity at the cost of national agenda of development? Ok. As Ur father is farmer? Can you tell me what are the problems our farmers are facing based on your experience? Can farmers income be doubled by 2022? Challenges and possibilities?

M4 (Lady member) - So people call you by what name "om" or "om kant". I answered then she said "i will call u om, then". So can u describe me the lifestyle of village as she has never stayed in village. What is the social fabric in village ? Social structure caste hierarchy deeply rooted in bihar. Dont u think? I have heard upper caste oppressing lower but in your description i did not hear it can u explain me more?

Back to chairman CM - Ok... global warming...pause of 3 - 4 seconds ( i was about to answer). He said stop "u r not supposed to answer global warming that u hve already answered in mains ". Let me frame the question. Global warming causes sea level rise, true? Yes sir. But i have been with many experts and environmentalists, they say other way around " sea level rise is causing global warming"? Can u explain why ? Think and then speak..

3-4 times" think and then say". i was not able to think..finally i was able to give 1 reason that is linked to corals. But he was not satisfied.

Then he said i forgot what i wanted to ask. Everybody laughed.. i smiled too.

Then he asked me to ... what do u want us to ask to u? I started thinking. Then he suddenly says are not supposed to ask here anything. I did not know what is going on.

He said again " what do u want us to ask to u?" You would have prepared something right? What area u r comfortable and want us to ask to u .. i was still confused... I said sir" i came with the mindset of expect the unexpected".

Then CM said.. he now remember what he wanted to ask. Tell me the benefits of global warming. (Answered)

Ok You may leave now.

2nd Interview - MARCH 2019 (3rd Attempt) AIR - 252

Board - Manoj Soni sir

(Marks = 176)

so... om kant thakur u r in ITS ? in delhi ? have u joined or on eol or what ? since how long have u been there how many months of training done already ? okay! have done coaching also ? then, groomed for today's interview as well, right?

ok ok. u have geography optional ? tell me i have to go from kanyakumari to London by road how will u go ? is the route u suggested is safe for me ? okay how do u assess trade service ? why do u want to leave ITS ? isn't is a good service ? what trade issues which india is facing? why wto is formed ? reasons? what problems india is facing in wto ?

M1 - ok.. samastipur. when i recall 40+ aged people it comes to my mind samastipur. why ? i did not pay attention actually as juat switched from CM so lost concentration. i said dont know.(may be he would have askwd something else but i understood the above) yoga.. what yoga u will say that is not fit for everyone ? and should be avoided. what veg farming u do ? when have u done last time ? Potato what variety ? why organic ? how we do organic ? is there any differnece in lays potato or normal we eat as vegetables. you have work ex as well what differneces u found in all the 3 companies which u worked in ?

M2 (lady) - why ias om ? where did u get this motivation after all long u did btech and then was working well? what motivated u for this long ? when ubwanted to become ias then why have u wasted 4 years in the IT sector? tell me something about bihar culture some questions.. like electoral bonds i m not able to recall

M3 - okay. what is the main economic activity of samastipur? what is organic farming ? how will u solve the problems of samastipur in next 10 years to remove poverty completely ? why samastipur has not developed even national highway passing through it ? why not investment happening ? what exactly the problem is ? and what led to this condition?

M4 - okay i will ask u few very question. as u r in trade service, please tell me why china is flooding indian market with our god goddes ganpati patang etc everything ? what is the reason ? answer and counter question continued ? what should india do ? explained but not satisfied. then asked... is not there policy failure in this regard ? what do u say ? what is AI ? how will it impact the jobs ?

Back to CM - since u have shown your view point on many topics. i would like to know ur view on when someone comes with black ribbon on the arm do they want to express something or want to show something? and when someone put tricolor flag on their cloth on chest then also they express something ? okay.. then what is that crown logo u r showing us by wearing the suit and putting that logo on lapel of ur suit ? what do u want to express ? r u brand ambassador of that brand ? r u being paid for that ? oh so unpaid brandambassador... how can u be so casual while coming here ? i tried to answer these then later expressed sorry.

ok ur interview is over. thank u

3rd Interview - FEB 2020 (4th Attempt) AIR - 52

Board - Dr. T C A Anant sir

(Marks = 171)

Already in service - Indian Trade Service (ITS). Most of the questions revolved around trade.

CM - you have done b tech. worked in companies as well. good. now in ITS. when did you join ? which batch ? how many months of training ? where are you posted now. what is the posting ? what work do you do ? What exatcly the job profile of ITS.

M1 - what is FTA ? what has been the status of fta of India with others? advantages and disadvantages? is there fta with china ? no then why so much trade deficit ? with whom we have signed fta tell me the status of fta ? how much is the trade deficit with Japan, south korea? what is anti dumping duty? is there any law ? how is it being implemented? who implements it? tell me whole process. have we used anti dumping against any country ? yes, china. okay on which products? I said steel, is there any other product? what is safeguard duty ? how antidumping is different from safeguard duty ? Some computer technology question asked , unable to recall

M2 - Tell me details about Foreign Trade policy? i started explaining? countered with not chapterwise but recent developments in FTP? what is bond yield and interest rate ? what is zero based budgeting? how national infrastructure pipeline will help our economy? what is UNCCD ? How India is going to tackle desertification? (few econmy and trade related questions but unable to recall and write here)

M3(Lady) - Can you tell me about Indus Water treaty ? What is Jaish e Mohammad? How to tackle terrorism? what is the difference between terrorism and extremism? how many extremist factions in North east? How to tackle them ? what is human right ? Difference between NHRC and SHRC. Famous Rousseau's quote- we have history bit we have not learnt from history, something like that...can you comment about his statement in present context. whether it is relevant?

M4(Lady) - Should we allow students to take part in politics in college and universities? how will you tackle the agitated students? if you DM of that district and mob is violent what steps will you take ? What are the Gandhian principles that still hold ground in today's world and you will implement?

CM - Asked nothing. Just said "Interview is over. You can go"