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CSE Wiki is a collaborative effort created and maintained by CSE toppers and CSE aspirants. It is a project of CSE community, by the CSE community and for the CSE community. Read our about page (CSE Wiki:About) to know more about CSE Wiki and its objectives.

CSE Wiki is a wiki. According to wikipedia, a wiki is a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly using a web browser. The important part of wikis — what makes them different from any other type of website — is collaborative editing by the users.

To know more about wikis and its possibilities visit this page. Important points from the article are following:

  • Wikis make is easier to edit the webpages.
  • Wikis are great for collaborating.
  • Hyperlinking is the main powers of wikis. One page can be linked to another page creating a network of pages (just like how information is stored in human brain).

Now that you know about wiki and CSE Wiki, start your journey with CSE Wiki by creating an account on this site.

Notice on username

Please use your original name (preferably full qualified name). If such username is not available use your name and some digits (e.g. 465).

For example, if Abraham Lincoln was to create an account on the site, his user name would be Abraham Lincoln.

Anonymity behind pseudo names is an enabler of irresponsible behaviour. On an open wiki platform like CSE Wiki this can lead to a problem for other genuine users.

Users who do not follow this rules, will be banned.

When you create an account, there are two important pages linked to your account. One is user page and another is user talk page. If you have created an account you can see these pages. Both the pages are editable by you and other users. Your user page may contain details about you. The talk pages are meant for discussion. If some other users, add something to your talk page, you will get a notification. User talk pages can be used to communicate among users, but note that all such communication will be public.

All pages on CSE Wiki have a talk page (discussion page) associated which are meant for discussion about the page.

To contribute, you can create or edit informative pages that contain authenticated information which will be useful in CSE. You can learn about creating and editing pages on this wiki at CSE Wiki:Editing pages.

A good thing about wikis is version control. When you edit a page, a new version is generated. All previous versions can be seen from the history tab of the toolbar. It means you can never break a wiki. If you accidentally delete something, you can always get back the previous version.

CSE Wiki uses MediaWiki engine to run this wiki (Wikipedia also uses the same engine). So all features of MediaWiki are available on this wiki. To learn how to use Mediawiki, see Help:Contents .

While editing on this wiki you should follow the guidelines to ensure decorum of this site. You can find the guidelines at CSE Wiki:Guidelines.

CSE Wiki contains a special sectional called Strategy which can be edited only by toppers of CSE. It aims to provide strategy, tips and insights by toppers. Individual strategy by toppers can be found here: Strategy:Toppers' strategy. You can use Special:AllPages to see all pages in Strategy namespace. To search Strategies type Strategy: <your query> in the search bar.

CSE Wiki is open to edit by all so that everyone can contribute their knowledge to help others. A small piece of information from each of the readers can create a large knowledge base for the use of everyone. If you find any part of the wiki incomplete, or deficient in information, feel free to add information and do the necessary changes. If anything is requires changes, look, page titles, categories, etc, it the users that have to correct it. There is no super user on this wiki. It works in decentralised manner. Only certain critical administrative tasks like granting rights and changing code of the website is handled by a handful of users known as Bureaucrats, Interface adminisatrators and Administrators and that group too contains a large number of users and works democratically in decentralised manner. You see how this wiki is governed at CSE Wiki:Governance.

CSE Wiki works on the motto of "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" (a quote by Mahatma Gandhi). Remember, this platform is what you make of it.

You must read the following pages before using CSE Wiki: