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All CSE Wiki users are required to follow the guidelines as specified in this page. User not following the guidelines will be blocked.

General guidelines

  1. Real names should be used in usernames. Users with pseudo names and fictional will be removed. If such username is not available use your name and some digits (e.g. 465)
  2. Formal language should be used while editing pages. Messaging acronyms and short forms (such as u, btw, and wrt) cannot be used. (Maintain the standard that is required in CSE Mains and Interview.)
  3. Questions should not be asked by creating pages. To get answer to questions use site like Quora.
  4. Avoid wiki wars.

Discussion guidelines

Each page has an associated discussion page. You can create new topic regarding the page in question where others can reply.

  • Topics on discussion page should be strictly related to the page.
  • Do not use discussion page for asking questions and seeking refined answers.
  • Do not use discussion page in the manner of Quora.

Page title guidelines

Note: Before you create a page, search if there already exists such a page. To search put the page name in the search bar and hit enter (or click on the search icon). Do not rely on auto suggestions as they match only those pages that begin exactly with the search phrase and is case sensitive. The search results page gives better results but that too matches exact words and not partial words.

  1. Page title should not use unknown acronyms. Even while using it is recommended to use full qualified name along with acronym. For example, United Nations (UN) is more appropriate name than UN and United Nations. (This allows user to search with both acronym and full name.)
  2. Only round brackets should be used in the title for acronyms and disambiguation. ( [ ] { } -> These should not be used.)
  3. Special characters like , . : ; @ # % should be avoided in the title. (If the use of such characters in necessitated, they should be in a grammatically correct manner.)
  4. Sentence casing should be used except for names of instutions, Acts, Policies etc and where proper noun is used. (In sentence casing, only first letter is capitalized. For example, List of all prime ministers of India is an appropriate page title rather than List Of All Prime Ministers Of India) (We intend to follow the Wikipedia conventions in this regard.)
  5. For pages comparing between two things, and for pages of court judgements versus should be written as vs (and not as v. or vs.).

Editing guidelines

  1. Representative images used in a sidebox like photos of personalities, logos of organisations etc. should have the width of 200px and should be frameless (Change these settings from advanced tab of image setting).
  2. Copyrighted content and images should not be added to CSE Wiki.
  3. Use appropriate Category for tagging pages. A list of all categories currently in used can be found here.

Categories naming guidelines

  • First (and only first) alphabet should be capitalized (page titles are case sensitive so this will help us to have consistency and avoid errors)
  • Category names should be plural except for topics (So it should Organisations and not Organisation)
  • Do not use special characters, brackets, dash, comma, etc. in category names.