Strategy:The Coping Space

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Hi everyone,

Almost all of us selected candidates believe that stress management and coping with the pressure of studies and expectation is an important aspect in our preparation. We will try to list down few of things that probably worked for us and address certain queries which you may post in discussion space.

It does not matter which attempt you clear the exam in. Everyone has their own pace of learning. Some get it right in first attempt and some take time. Do not burden yourself with the race for clearing in first attempt. Give it your best in first attempt as well but don't get mad if you don't clear it.

The journey is long. It requires one to remain calm and patient. Enjoying the process is equally important. Do not take it to heart but enjoy the beauty that lies in learning different subjects, optionals and even attempting weird questions. Enjoy the beauty around you in this society and world.

Family and friends are not a burden. They are in fact your support system. They motivate and encourage you to do your best. You need not push them away. You only need to strike a balance between spending time with them and your preparation.

(plain-speak) Civil Services Examination, or even most of the competitive examinations for government jobs – are nothing but RAT-RACE. There is no “heaven” on the other side (after getting recommended). Our lives are much, much more important than these few services. It doesn’t matter if one fails at these examinations. The world out there is full of opportunities. If one is really dedicated towards serving the society, it doesn’t matter if you are part of these few services or not. Make use of the opportunities that life gives you, or, even better, create your own opportunities for yourself and others. In a nutshell, don’t stress out for these exams.

Work hard and work smart, and enjoy your life!