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A large number of CSE toppers have shared their strategies to help aspirants on CSE Wiki.

If you are a topper wanting to share you strategy see this step by step guide to share your strategy.

Strategy by CSE 2019 Toppers

Ravi jain 9 4 Psychology English
Sanjita Mohapatra 10 Sociology
Neha Bhosle 15 2nd Sociology English No
Abhishek Jain 24 2nd Commerce and Accountancy English No
Himanshu Gupta 27 3rd Philosophy English No
Geetanjali Sharma 32 3rd Anthropology English No
Shubham Bansal 43 3rd Geography English Job started 2 months before Mains 2019.
Ashutosh Kulkarni 44 4th History English Yes
Deepak Karwa 48 6th Physics English Part-Time
Om Kant Thakur 52 4th Geography English No
Mukund KR 54 1st PSIR English No
Aranyak Saikia 59 3rd
Dheeraj Kumar Singh 64 1st Medical Science English No
Saurav Pandey 66 6th Geography English No
Priyanka 68 2nd PSIR English No
Abhishek Kumar 73 Geography
Muskan Jindal 87 1st Commerce and Accountancy English No
Anupama Singh 90 1st Medical Science English No
Aishwarya Sheoran 93 1st Economics English No
Rushikesh Singareddy 95 5th Electrical engineering English No
Makarandu Manda 110 2nd Mathematics English No
Sizal Agarwal 112 4th Philosophy English No
Muruganantham 119 4th Tamil Literature Tamil[தமிழ்] No
Kunal Aggarwal 130 4th PSIR English No
Satyam 169 4th Geography English Part-Time
Mayank Mishra 172 1st Sociology English No
Anchal Chauhan 183 4th Geography English No
Parikshit Khatana 184 2nd History English No
Kunal Chavan 211 5th History English No
Prakhar Singh 242 2nd Anthropology English No
Ojasvi Alankar 284 1st Mathematics English No
Aniket Sachan 285 1st PSIR English No
Anshuman Yadav 372 3rd Geography English No
Mahak Swami 393 4th PSIR English No
Pankaj Rasgania 592 3rd Sociology English No
Dudhal Abhishek 637 1st Economics English No
Nikhil Kamble 744 4th PSIR English No

Strategy by IFS Toppers

Strategy by CSE Toppers

Himanshu Jain ( AIR 44, 2017) : Notes